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Suite 900, 607 14th Street, NW
Washington, DC, 20005-2018
t +1 202.508.5870
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J. David Mayberry

Experience Highlights

Thomasville Furniture Industries Inc. v. Thomasville Express Inc. et al.
Lead counsel for Thomasville Furniture, Inc. in trademark infringement action. Negotiated settlement agreement which resolved the more
Logan v. Hormel Foods Inc. et al.
Served as lead counsel on behalf of Hormel Foods Corporation for a claim of patent infringement for a method of spiral slicing ham. After a more
Sara Lee Corp. v. Pro Sports Inc.
Represented owner of CHAMPION® mark in trademark infringement suit to enjoin use of CHAMPION on sports equipment. After defeating motion to amend more Inc. v. Money Management International Inc.
Lead appellate counsel for Defendant Money Management International in a trademark infringement case in the Ninth Circuit. Retained after the more