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01 December 2003
Marketing to Children
Source: Metropolitan Corporate Counsel
01 January 2010
Making Social Media Work for You: Avoiding the Pitfalls While Building Your Network
Source: American Bar Association Section of Intellectual Property Law
14 January 2010
Marketing to Kids In the Online Age
Source: New York Law Journal
01 November 2010
Things Aren't Always as They Appear: Who Really Owns Your User-Generated Content?
Source: Landslide
16 February 2011
TCPA regulates text marketing campaigns
Source: Atlanta Business Chronicle
26 March 2014
Advergaming Basics: What Brand Owners Should Keep in Mind Before Deciding to Run with the Video Game Idea
Source: The Licensing Journal


DateTitleKnowledge Type
01 January 2009
Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP IP Desk Reference - 6th Edition
Source: Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP

Legal Alerts

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01 July 2005
Update to Fax Marketers: Congress Creates Legal Alerts
28 November 2005
Florida Drops Full Rules in Print Advertising Requirement for Sweepstakes Ads Legal Alerts
16 December 2009
De Niro, Pacino, Settle Right of Publicity Case Legal Alerts
06 January 2010
Employee's Online Endorsements Can Result in Employer Liability Legal Alerts
28 May 2010
Comprehensive Draft Federal Privacy Bill Released For Discussion – What You Need To Know Now Legal Alerts
12 October 2010
FTC's Proposed Revised Green Guides Warn Against General "Green" Claims Legal Alerts
02 November 2010
Degradable Claims Under FTC’s Proposed Revised Green Guides Legal Alerts
04 November 2010
FTC’s Proposed Revised Green Guides Provide New Guidance on “Free-of” and “Non-toxic” Claims Legal Alerts
11 November 2010
“Recycled Content” Claims under the FTC’s Proposed Revised Green Guides Legal Alerts
11 November 2010
Using “Organic” In Advertising: FTC Declines to Issue Guidance in Proposed Green Guides Revisions, Defers to U.S. Dept. of Agriculture Legal Alerts
15 November 2010
Use in Advertising of Certifications and Seals of Approval Under the FTC’s Proposed Revised Green Guides Legal Alerts
18 November 2010
Flash Cookies: Marketing Tactic Raises Privacy Concerns Legal Alerts
24 November 2010
Use of "Made with Renewable Materials" and "Made with Renewable Energy" claims in Advertising under the FTC’s Proposed Revised Green Guides Legal Alerts
07 December 2010
Facebook Updates Promotion Guidelines Legal Alerts
20 December 2010
Settlement reached in Flash Cookie class action defendants agree to push for self-regulatory Legal Alerts
30 March 2011
Internet Content Providers Beware: You Could End Up in New York Legal Alerts
05 May 2011
California District Court Dismisses Putative "Flash Cookie" Class Action for Lack of Standing, Lack of Actual Damage Legal Alerts
01 August 2011
Fifth Circuit: “Best Efforts” Alone Not an Enforceable Standard Legal Alerts
19 April 2012
What is Unauthorized Access Under the CFAA? Lessons Learned from United States v. Nosal Legal Alerts
27 June 2012
Facebook to Require Mobile Software Application Privacy Policies Legal Alerts
03 July 2012
Facebook Resolves User Right of Publicity Claims Concerning Sponsored Stories Advertising Legal Alerts
03 August 2012
NAD recommends changes to advertisement highlighting one “true but not typical” customer experience Legal Alerts
15 August 2012
Social Media Sites: New Battlegrounds for Right of Publicity Disputes Legal Alerts
15 October 2012
Know Exactly What You Mean Before Claiming It’s “Green” Legal Alerts
31 October 2013
Pinterest Revises Contest Policy Legal Alerts
27 February 2014
Michael Jordan Permitted to Pursue Right of Publicity Claim Legal Alerts
08 April 2014
Pinterest Contest Draws FTC Warning Legal Alerts
03 June 2014
Strengthened Connecticut Law Supplements TCPA Legal Alerts
05 June 2014
TCPA Settlement: Clippers Fans Want Tickets, Not Texts Legal Alerts
10 June 2014
The Positive Implications of FTC v. BurnLounge for Direct Sellers Legal Alerts
12 June 2014
Federal False Advertising Lawsuits Permitted to Proceed Notwithstanding Compliance with Government Rules and Regulations Legal Alerts

Other Publications

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01 January 2009
Advertising Basics
Source: Intellectual Property Desk Reference
Other Publications


DateTitleKnowledge Type
19 October 2011
Advertising and Social Media: What You Need To Know Podcasts

Advertising & Publishing

Experience Highlights

Rosa Parks v. LaFace Records
Successfully represented LaFace Records in a lawsuit brought by civil rights icon, Rosa Parks, for naming their Grammy nominated song “Rosa Parks.”  more
SunTrust Bank v. Houghton Mifflin
Represented Houghton Mifflin in a copyright infringement suit prohibiting the publication of the book "The Wind Done Gone" because of alleged more
New Homefinders Inc. v. Network Communications Inc.
Defended Network Communications Inc., a national publishing company, in a trademark infringement action. Obtained summary judgment that the more
Defended copyright challenge of Google's Book Search project

The firm served as lead counsel for Google Inc., in defending copyright infringement lawsuits brought by the Author’s Guild, et al., and more

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